A word about silk: silk is the most ancient, revered, and luxurious natural fiber money can buy. As a product of Mother Nature, silk is "perfectly imperfect" and "predictably unpredictable." Some of our designs are more delicate and prone to snags (the Basket Weave, for example) and some are industrial strength (we're pretty sure that Miss Feeney's old alley cat could sharpen his claws on the Pretty Paisley and leave it unfrayed). We do our very best to ensure that only flawless finery is sent out to our customers, but if we miss a stitch or your necktie comes to you with an imperfection you can't live with, simply send it back and we'll replace it.


Let the gals at Miss Feeney's take the worry out of your shopping! We'll be delighted to pick and choose your gifts for the special fellas in your life. Just call one of our personal shoppers at 435-655-5070, tell us about your guy, and voila!



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